Medical Advantages of Getting a Tummy Tuck


When it comes to plastic surgery, there are all kinds of contradictions and contentions as to whether there are benefits of certain procedures. While some people get some procedures done simply for cosmetic reasons, it is important to understand that some of these procedures have many underlying medical benefits. For example, one of the procedures many people like going for, particularly the women, is a tummy tuck. Detailed below are some of the many medical benefits of having this done.

Correction of Ventral Hernia

In the event that some abdominal tissue or the intestine breaks through one’s abdominal wall to form a sack or a pocket, then one is said to have experienced a ventral hernia. This condition, however, has a number of potential causes; some of them include abdominal weakness, which could result from a rapid loss of weight through things such as appendectomies and C-sections.

After developing a ventral hernia, it becomes very likely that it could happen another time. This risk can be effectively lowered and dealt with by having a liposuction honolulu surgeon perform abdominoplasty, which helps to prevent such occurrences in future by strengthening the walls.

Reduced Stress Urinary Incontinence

Giving birth is not an easy task. Sometimes many side effects can come about from either C-section or even vaginal birth. Sometimes, those who give birth through the regular method end up developing the problem of Stress Urinary Incontinence. This is a bladder control issue that ends up causing the woman uncontrolled leakage of urine. It is mostly triggered by sneezing, exercising, a cough, and laughter as well. Many of the times, this disorder can be treated without any surgical process being done. However, studies show that getting a tummy tuck can help patients recover from SUI effectively, particularly for patients who gave birth normally.

Helps Improve Posture and Abdominal Tone

When one has had many pregnancies or a rabid loss of weight, it is possible for the stomach muscles to be enlarged. Dieting and exercising is not enough to assist in such cases. However, with a tummy tuck, doctors are capable of systematically tightening the rather weak muscles through surgery. All this is done as the extra skin and fat is also done away with, and this helps to give the abdomen a flat look and feel. It is good to deal with abdominal muscles, which might be week because they can often lead to many health issues.

You need to make consultations with various tummy tuck honolulu doctors and also do your research well enough before you end up getting a tummy tuck, for whichever reason